Friday, January 23, 2015


I know Led Zeppelin, and you sir, are no Led Zeppelin

I don’t like Def Leppard.  I mean some of their music is OK, but I don’t like their attitude.  Let me explain.
First, let’s agree on the facts.  They released two pseudo-metal albums during the heyday of the NWOBHM (which they completely scorn – more on that later).  Next, was a half metal/half glam effort in 1983, which was very well received from a commercial view.  Their mega-blockbuster in 1987 was pure glam/hair metal.  They had another album in 1990 that did OK, but after that they released one commercial dud after another (I think there were six, but I could have missed one).  
So here is a band that shuns their metal roots because they want to be more mainstream than a metal band. For a few years they certainly accomplished this, but those days are long gone.  Joe Elliott always considered his band more like a Led Zeppelin or Rolling Stones, but history will remember Leppard more with Whitesnake and Poison.  So is being a has-been hair metal band better that being considered part of the NWOBHM?
Let’s dismiss Elliott’s premise that Leppard is comparable to Zeppelin, The Who, the Stones, etc.  I’ll easily dismiss this with the fact that Def Leppard can’t sell out a shoebox anymore.  If any of those other bands toured, it would be 50,000+ seat stadiums.  Also, none of those bands have ever released commercial duds like Slang or Songs from the Sparkle Lounge.  Even Led Zeppelin’s Presence was a far more successful and lasting effort.
Yet despite this failure to capture the hearts, minds and pocketbooks of American music consumers for the last quarter century, Leppard still thinks they are too good for the NWOBHM.  Now like any music movement, the NWOBHM had their share of garbage, but there were a lot of good bands and a couple of legendary bands to rise out of that movement; and, considering Def Leppard’s inability to record anything anyone wants to listen to, I would think they would want to associate themselves with anyone that would have them, including the likes of Saxon and the Tygers of Pan Tang. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


An Apology - Sort of

My last post was critical of a list of someone's top 100 albums of 1984.  While the list in question is certainly flawed and open for criticism and debate, I do not think it was without merit.

So, to reiterate, it was deeply flawed and I think that deliberately placing Dio, Iron Maiden and Metallica in the bottom 10 was begging for trouble.  Also the though of placing a 19 minute EP by Acid 50 places above the aforementioned bands is a complete joke.

However, there were a lot of hidden and forgotten gems on that list. 

Like I said, I probably only heard about half the albums/EP's on that list, and some of them I only heard once or twice.

So the list go me thinking maybe it would be cool to revisit the 1980's again.

So - that is what I am going to do.

Stay tuned for a detailed look back at 1980.

Friday, January 09, 2015


Shit sandwich - 1984 style

So, I was browsing the internet and came upon the Metal Archives message board.  I do not participate in message boards anymore because people are stupid.  To further prove my point, I saw this top metal albums of 1984 list.

Now let me preface my remarks by saying everyone is entitled to their opinion and yadda yadda yadda.  I'm sorry, but this list is a crock of shit.  This guy basically had his legit top 10 or so, put some of the most well known albums at the end of this list, and filled in the middle with crap, hoping that anyone reading his list had never heard of half the crap on there.  Well, it's true for me too. I have only heard about half of the crap in the middle, but I can tell you for sure, most of it is crap. Thus this guy created a true shit sandwich. 

He did include almost every decent album from 1984 (let's face it, there weren't even 100 good metal albums world wide that year).  If you look at his top 17, most of these are legit (I admist I have not heard three of them).  So in that regard it's a good list. I wish he did a top 50 instead and left out the Dio, Maiden and Metallica albums.  That would have given the list more crdibility in my opinion.

Let's look at some of the albums he deemed better than Powerslave, The Last in Line and Ride the Lightning (as you know, I am no Metallica fan, but give credit where credit is due - this is a great album).

I wish he did a top 50 instead and left out the Dio, Maiden and Metallica albums. That would have given the list more crdibility in my opinion.  The shit andwich approach is an obvious cry out for debate.  Well, you got it.

Thursday, January 08, 2015


A look back at 2002

I seems to have covered 2002 a long time ago on this blog.  In looking at that list, I would say the top 5 or 6 spots are going to remain the same.  Some of the bottom of that top 10 will be replaced for sure.  I think there may even be some entries that crack this top ten that we omitted from my big top 500 that I posted on Rateyourmusic a couple of years ago.

I recently listened to Escape by Ram-Zet and I liked it more than the first time I heard it.  I think it is too long (I really do not care for 60 minute plus albums) and probably could have been trimmed down by ten minutes or so, but it is a very good listen.

So this month I will re-listen to the 30+ albums I have from 2002 and remake my top 10.  I wouldn't expect a change from the top 4 as those are all in my top 50 all-time are are in in constant rotation in my iPod, but there are some gems here that I have overlooked.

Wednesday, January 07, 2015


A Return

I have decided to return to my long lost home on the web.  Nobody really reads it anymore, but what the heck.

So, stay tuned (lol) for more updates about metal (mostly) and maybe the occasional sports or political post.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Shutting Down

I am closing up shop.  I am still continuing the Top 500 here as well as posting other lists on rateyourmusic.  Soon look for the worst metal albums and the best non hard-rock/metal albums.  Also best live albums, bootlegs, etc.

I may post an occasional observation here and there, but if I have something to say, I'll probably just make a note on facebook or something.

See you round Al Gore's playground friend(s)!!

Saturday, December 31, 2011


480 - Immortal - Pyramaze - 2008

So when I heart Matt Barlow joined Pyramaze I thought that was pretty cool and the result would be something special.  Legend of the Bone Carver and Melancholy Beast are really cool albums, so I figured with a better singer, Immortal would be a can't miss great record.

Well, it is a good record, but disappointing for sure.  My real beef here is that the album is a tad boring.  I mean in theory it works, but when I play the album I am just not that impressed.  Maybe I expected Dante's Inferno of something more substantial, but what it is is a collection of solid Power Metal songs, nothing more, nothing less.

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