Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Maybe I'm going all Emo and stuff

I have not posted in a while, so I thought I would drop some notes and observations. I really think next year, I am going to try and post more, but I really do not have much to say. I mean a Top 250 albums would be cool, but kind of boring at the same time. So here are some headings, and related thoughts:


I have kind of lost interest in keeping up with music this year. I have some new albums (Kamelot & Slough Feg), but really have not even listened to them yet. As such, it is hard for me to justify buying the new albums from Winds, DoomSword, and Saxon if I haven't really listened to the two newer ones I have.

TV, DVD, etc:

I can't be bothered with reality TV anymore. I lost interest in Survivor after All Stars, and Amazing Race got boring after a couple of seasons as well. Network TV is OK, but really it is just something to vege out to after a long day.

There are some DVD's I want to get, but who the hell has time to watch them anyway? I am looking forward to completing The Odd Couple series, and of course the Live After Death DVD from Iron Maiden is a top priority, but do I really need Season 3 of Sanford and Son on DVD?


Always an interest of mine, but sort of fading as time passes. The Patriots have ruined football. I mean it is kind of silly when you know the Super Bowl winner before Thanksgiving. As far as baseball, The Yankees have hired Bobby Meacham as their third base coach. Need I say more?

The Presidential Election:

Really I do not care. More and more I believe that we are fucked no matter who is running the show. Clinton, Giuliani, what is the difference. Unless we get some real tough ass right winger in there, we will continue down the route of our demise. I really do not feel like getting into it, but with things like the depressed dollar internationally, and continued unrest in the Middle East, I feel our downfall is imminent. I just hope my children are resourceful and intelligent enough to make a good life for themselves when they grow up.

So - Happy Freakin' Holidays America. Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die.