Thursday, December 06, 2007

Guns don't kill people, Ryan Seacrest kills people

So by now you have all read the story about the 19 year old asshole who shot up a mall somewhere in Nebraska. The story from the Associated Press or some other left leaning think tank uses the following paragraph:

It was the latest in a series of mass killings that have shocked the United States, where gun ownership is widespread and the right to possess arms is a fiercely contested constitutional issue currently on the agenda of the Supreme Court.

Automatically, Michael Moore will swoop down and claim we are nothing but a bunch of uneducated gun toting morons who love W. Hey Mikey - I am educated, I do not own a gun, and W is a boob. Now go have another cheeseburger.

It is not guns that are the problem. Malls and guns have co existed since Twin Pines Mall (or Lone Pine Mall) opened somewhere off of John F. Kennedy Boulevard (Who the Hell is John F. Kennedy?). It is amazing how stupid people are, and cannot see causal relationships.

So then, if malls and guns can co-exist, as I have shown above, what has triggered (bad pun, I know) this sudden violence in our streets and shops?

The paragraph in the story that really identifies the issue is:

"I'm a piece of shit," said a suicide note he left behind "but I'm going to be famous now," the newspaper said.
The problem is, everybody today under the age of 25 wants to be the next American Idol. These misguided fools would rather die than live a life of anonymity. I mean have you ever seen the auditions for American Idol? It is like a train wreck, you just cannot look away. This obsession of fame and fortune by our nation's youth is another thing that is going to lead to the demise of the USA. But before that, let's hope Brian Dunkleman doesn't grab a shot gun and head to the mall.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Is there a River Phlegethon? Find out for $29.95

How many times have we heard that it is the end of the world? All kinds of kooks, religious and otherwise have made claims that the end is nigh (what is nigh anyway?). I was wondering what is this fascination with the end of humanity.

Well, I have no answers, other than as humans, we have this annoying desire to know everything, and really, if you know the ultimate fate of humanity, then as Lar$ says, Nothing else matters.

Also, especially with the religious kooks, humans have the need to be right. So the born again freaks in this country are wishing for the end of the world so that everyone can be damned and their righteous asses can go to heaven. Well, my Catholic senses tell me otherwise, but that is neither here nor there.

One particular Born Again Christian web site has a page dedicated to hell. This is what I wish to discuss, because these zealots are not only nosy, but they always need to be right, at any cost.

There are several ridiculous claims here, like the one about the guys who drilled into Hell and the claim of under the ocean or the worms. In the truth about Hell, we see many interesting points, but here is where I would like to point out the contradiction.

They claim Hell is inside the Earth, and that there is plenty of room there. I didn't take out my tape measure, but for now I trust them. They also say, Hell is forever. Well, we know that the physical Earth cannot exist forever. Eventually, the Sun will go red giant and possibly incinerate the Earth. Even if Earth survives this incineration, it surely will not last forever. The ultimate fate of the universe theorized that all matter will be destroyed one way or another. So, while incarceration in Hell inside the Earth for 5,000,000 years may feel as long as sitting through an episode of Sally Field's Brothers and Sisters, it is not forever as these kooks claim.

So what is the point? The point is that when the mood strikes me, I will pass on a little judgment of our warped culture, one freaky sub culture at a time, especially here in the USA. It seems to me as if the end of humanity is not as near as Kirk Cameron wishes it to be; however, I will say that the human race will be here long beyond the existence of the USA as we know it.

The ancient civilization of Rome stood for centuries. The USA is only about two and a third centuries old. I bet we don’t even last as long as the Romans did.

More analysis to come.