Saturday, May 13, 2006

Lande Takes Off - Again

So Jorn Lande has quit Masterplan after two albums. Let me pretend to be shocked. This guy has been in more bands than Ted McGinley’s been in bad sitcoms. Anyway, like he deserted Ark, he deserted Masterplan. I don’t think Masterplan will go under like Ark did. The rumor is that Tony Martin may be the new Masterplan singer. That actually would be pretty cool, I like Martin’s vocals with Sabbath, and I like Masterplan's music, so Lande’s departure may not be as catastrophic as Ark’s demise.

Also, I must admit, the little I have heard from Lande’s new solo album is pretty good, so perhaps this move will benefit everyone; but I must ask, where is Tore Ostby.

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