Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Checking In

While I am working on a 1993 top ten, and still mulling over the top 10 of 2006, I decided to post a couple of random thoughts:

1. A few years ago, the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency terrified me. Now I am merely scared.

2. The new Rush album is pretty good. Better than Vapor Trails, but still not as good as I think they are capable of doing.

3. If the Rangers win Game 5 in Buffalo, I really believe they have a shot at the Cup.

4. Iron Maiden's set list for this leg of their tour blows.

5. American Idol is the worst example of watered down homogeneous music meant to dull the mind and kill the spirit.

6. George Bush is as dumb as the liberals said he was.

7. The liberals are as bad as Ann Coulter says they are.

8. I really do not care for Moonsorrow's new album.

9. The History Channel's documentary on The Dark Ages was good.

10. Al Gore's documentary on Global Warming was good, and well done, but I have a problem trusting politicians.


Biff the Buff said...

The Dark Ages documentary was soft.

Metal Mark said...

Welcome back, T-bone. Can't wait for your best of 1993.