Monday, July 30, 2007

Minor Ramblings

I have not updated for a while, with work and family commitments keeping me busy. Anyway, here are some random thoughts and observations:

1. Critics claim the Topps 1973 baseball cards are no good, but that is nonsense. This was one of Topps coolest releases. Who cares if you can't see Johnny Bench's face. The action cards in that set were great.

2. While Rush's new album is disappointing, they were great live. Rush caters their sets to their fans, unlike some bands who cater their sets to the person seeing them for the first time.

3. The Star Wars prequel trilogy was good, except that it really diminishes the Darth Vader character. In the original movies, he is a real bad ass, but we find out that he is really a whiny bitch.

4. The 2008 Presidential election is really frightening. I mean the best candidate is a TV DA.

5. I am really behind in getting new music. I can't believe I have not even picked up the new Slough Feg album. Shame on me.

Well, that cover the major topics.

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