Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Motley Crue Tour - WGAF

I read today that Motley Crue was going to tour this year. A world tour. The question is, does anybody care? I am curious to see what venues they will be playing, and how many people they will be playing in front of. If my suspicion is correct, their numbers will be far less than the numbers for Iron Maiden's tour, which only proves, that eventually, quality does count for something, even to American audiences. Well, at least over a prolonged period of time.


spacebeagle said...

I can't believe that anyone would care about Motley Crue. They are horrible! I hate that people consider them and their pals, Poison, Warrent and all those other glam bands, metal. Those bands have nothing to do with metal. They have no talent, no song writing skills. I mean come one. These bands write the same songs over and over again, with the same three cords. Not to mention the lyrics! "Let's get wasted and pick up chicks! Heh, heh!" How lame can you be! I can just see the crowd at one of these new Motley Crue shows. A bunch of fat middle aged idiots who still like to get wasted. The only young people at these shows will be the poor kids that got dragged there by their loser parents. How pathetic!

The Croo Roole said...

WTF space beagle? RU sum 0ld f4rt hoo kant deal? OMG UR so geigh. Gr0w up n00b the [ |^ (_) [- RULE!

Rhodeislandrock said...

Croo Roole - I have no idea what you just said and I have no desire to decipher it. Go back to MySpace!

I saw the Crue for free on the last tour at the Providence Civic Center and it was packed but not a sellout. The PCC holds 10 to 12 thousand and I'd say there was close to 10 thousand there. You could see some patchy spots but it was a good crowd and a good greatest hits show.

The Crue are never going to be as big as they were by the end of the '80s but, if they come with a solid co-headliner, I'll bet they sell very well in the sheds this summer. If I can score free tix again I'll go but I hope they play something off the new record, or at least mix the set up a little.

I saw Maiden last when the toured Dance Of Death with Motorhead & Dio, a sellout show in Worcester, MA. They came to Boston University last year on their mini-tour and sold out in an hour! It's obvious who the better band is.