Thursday, November 06, 2008

Enough Sour Grapes - for now

I need to face it, Barack Obama will be our new president come January 20. I intend to support him as much as I can. I will disagree with many of his policies; however, there is no need for sour grapes and anger. He won, the people have spoken. Let's move on.

If he governs as the centrist he claimed to be during the campaign, we could recover. However, this is no time for big tax increases and cuts in defense spending. What we need is better intelligence (that is guaranteed with Bush gone). Really, we need operatives who can speak Arabic and Chinese. Brave people who can infiltrate the ranks of the enemy abroad, and give us solid data on which to act. The intelligence failure leading up to the Iraq war was unforgivable. Heads should have rolled.

Domestically, Mr. Obama says he can balance the budget, prove it. I hope he can. That would be a good step to restoring the value of the dollar. Bush's economic policies were a disaster. Once Sept 11 hit, he needed to change gears. He didn't. He kept tax revenues down, while increasing spending. He has destroyed the political party I once believed in.

Looking forward, I have little hope for recovery under Obama. I think McCain would have made the necessary changes, without being radical. We'll see. I think all children should have health insurance, but once you are an adult, get off your ass and get it yourself. If the President is going to create a welfare state to make "Peggy the Moocher" happy, we are all in trouble.

This is the last political post I plan to have for some time. It is time to move on with my life and interests.

The top 10 Metal albums of 2000 are coming soon. Perhaps it is an appropriate time for this list as we hope for an economic Resurrection as we enter a Brave New World. Let's hope it is not The Dark Ride I fear it will be.


Spacebeagle said...

I agree with that Bush destroyed the republican party and I agree with you that it's time to move on with life and interests, but I will never support Obama. Yes, he will be the president, but I think he will be a complete failure. I think he used peoples fears to his advantage to get elected and I think he lied the entire time. He is Not a centrist, his record proves that. He will do to the country what Jimmy Carter did in the 70's. We will be in for a VERY rough ride.

Lemmy said...

We are Motorhead and we're going to kick your ass