Wednesday, November 30, 2011

491 - Instant Clarity - Michael Kiske - 1996

I realize this is not a metal album. Actually, I am told by critics that there are two metal songs here, both co-written by and performed with Adrian Smith (fanboy alert). Be that as it may, those are not the only good songs on this record. They are the best two for sure, especially New Horizons (which also features Kai Hansen), but there is more.

Songs like Be True to Yourself and Thanx a Lot have a good vibe and sound. Some of the songs have a unique groove and pace (So Sick, Hunted). Kiske's voice sounds great. Sure there are a couple of duds here, including the overlong "epic" Do I Remember a Life?, but most albums at the bottom of the countdown have flaws, and clearly, Instant Clarity is no exception.

It does make me wonder why Kiske has shunned metal ever since leaving Helloween. Can you imagine how great this album would be if Kiske, Smith and Hansen did the whole thing? It probably would have been album of the year. Hell, it would be considered in the topic of album for the decade.

But instead Kiske's Instant Clarity (largely aided by Smith and Hansen) lands at number 491.

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