Thursday, June 03, 2004

Supernaut? - NOT!!

In the news this week, original Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward has agreed to join the band in their summer tour headlining Ozzfest. I saw the original Black Sabbath a few years ago on their last final tour and I wish I hadn’t.

I grew up a Black Sabbath fan starting at the age of 12. At this time Ozzy had recently left the band and started his famous solo career. All through my youth I had dreamed of seeing the original Sabs in concert. I had imagined them playing many great songs from their 8 album catalogue. When this dream was finally realized a few summers back, it fell short of my expectations. They played for all of 80 minutes, and played nothing from the latter half of their catalog, basically only sticking to the first three albums.

Now, they are set to take the stage again. Will I be suckered in? I may, it depends if I can convince anyone to go with me. Funny, considering I like 3 other bands on the Ozzfest bill it seems like a natural. As a side note, I saw the Judas Priest set list for their reunion tour (they will be playing right before Sabbath at Ozzfest) and it was a bore. Very safe, very predictable, very vanilla. Certainly tailored for the casual Priest fan and not the aficionado. I fear Sabbath will be the same and I will leave the show disappointed yet again.

So who can I convince, maybe this guy would go. If so, then BD guy may tag along as well, but he has issues with some of the other acts on the bill. There are always my brothers in law; though one of them warned me to stay at the concession stand during Slayer since anyone not moshing may get someone’s left arm in their ear.

The question is: How many times will I let Black Sabbath let me down. As this man once said, “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.”

So Geezer, what’s it gonna be?


Sweetie Guy Hutchinson said...

There is nothing as diheartening as seeing a great band duning their 5th or 6th FINAL tour. I feel your pain.

CRAIG said...

Sorry, but unless you are picking up the ticket, T., it's not bloody likely that I'll be at Ozzfest.
Seriously though, after witnessing the pathetic, lack luster performance that Sabbath gave on their final tour I'd rather "break the law" Halford style than ever be let down by one of their sets again.

T-_Bone said...

I can't blame you, though there may be an entertainment factor in looking at the crowd.