Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The Annoying

There is a web site out there where you can vote on whether or not something or someone is annoying. I like the site and in tribute to that I present the top 10 annoying people in the world:

10. Ted Efau - I am not sure if I spelled it right. I probably have not heard the guy in years, but I hated the way he said "The Republicans" who were always at fault for everything. This guy was a proven no talent as he was confined to a New Brunswick radio station, and because of his lack of exposure he is not as annoying as....

9. Rush Limbaugh. I tend to agree with his politics 65% of the time, but this guy is the most pompous windbag to ever hit the airwaves. His voice is annoying. I will admit he’s an easy target, but truth is truth

8. The "I didn't know there was a line" guy from my last trip to the DMV. I was early, and before it opened there were two other people waiting. As such, I knew I was third in line, even though a formal line had not formed. This jack-off who was like sixth tries to get in front of me and when I pointed out how rude and obnoxious he was his retort was the above quotation. I hate that guy wherever he is.

7. Gary Cohen. This rube announces the Mets games on the radio. His "ITS OUTTA HERE" is the most annoying thing in the history of sports with the exception of....

6. Nolan Ryan fans. My opinion has been well documented here, so no need to further elaborate on the most overrated player ever.

5. The laugh track on TV shows – what is that, who ever thought that was a good idea?

4. Protesters. I guess this is timely with the RNC in New York and all, but get a f**kin job and leave everyone alone.

3. TV Commercials, especially car commercials. Why must ad execs dig up old songs to sell new cars?

2. Taco Bell. Thanks to two bloggers who shall remain nameless, my addiction to the Bell is stronger than ever. My colon hates you.

1. That dumb Vietnam movie with Sean Penn and Michael J. Fox where they kidnap and rape that girl from the village. One interesting note here. I am sure Quentin Tarantino saw this before he cast Ving Rhames as Marsellus Wallace. Rhames give a speech in this move at one point where I could have sworn the next line for his mouth was going to be “GI’s don’t have an old timers day”.


Sweetie Guy Hutchinson said...

Wow! I actually know Ted Efaw, and he is only annoying ON the air. Off air, he is a pretty cool guy.

I must go now, I have to watch Casualties of War with Michael J Fox.

T-_Bone said...

That's It!! Casualties of War - Thanks. I guess I could have looked it up on imdb but that would be annoying.

CRAIG said...

Interesting list, T.
I feel sorry for anyone who was ever confined to working at a New Brunswick radio station...
But I digress, it's lunch time and Taco Bell is calling!