Thursday, December 02, 2004

Now I Know Why They Are Called "Rivet Heads"

My last post here was a review I submitted to Encyclopedia Metallium. Well, the review was rejected and when I submitted the link to this blog on the message board, I got flamed.

Funny, but I think I discovered something interesting about the heavy metal community in general.

They are losers who have such low self-esteem and are so insecure that they need to bash someone else so that they will feel better about the loser lives they have carved out for themselves.

The review I submitted was not really a review of the CD I suppose, but more of a commentary on the CD and what type of person was apt to like it, and who may not. Furthermore, I realize I am no Dan Simmons, Sweetie Guy Hutchinson, or The writer formerly known as NJCRC, but the review was certainly as well written as some of the other drivel that passes for writing on that site.

There were numerous reviews of the CD already, and I wanted to try something different than the usual crap you see over there. Here is an example:

Song 1 – 4.5/5 – This song is good, it starts heavy and gets heavier. There is a cool bridge between the verse and the solo. The solo is really shreddin'!! Rockin’ out man. Etc.

I suppose my review was not to the formula that those hard-wired, narrow thinking, rivet heads at Encyclopedia Metallium like to see.

The really funny thing is these people over there think they are Mickey Spillane or something; when the writing on some of the reviews submitted is laughably bad (see above example).

Well, I am better off not being a part of that community, and I should have known better, as I had stopped posting on the Iron Maiden Board a year ago or so because of the rudeness and child-like attitudes over there (with few exceptions) too.


CRAIG said...

'F 'em, T. As great as the internet is, it has given people the ability to act in ways that they never would in the real world. People seem to take true joy in "flaming" others, a practice that I've never understood. I've altogehter given up on message boards.

I enjoy your posts and was thrilled to come back from a few days away to find a handful of new entires to read through.

Also, thanks for including me in the same sentence as such talented writers! It's good to know that when I am going through a period of severe self-doubt after posting a new entry that people are actually digging the stuff that I write.

"The Writer Formally Known as NJCRC"

Sweetie Guy Hutchinson said...

Awesome! My favorite part was 'The writer formerly known as NJCRC'.

I had a simmilar experience with the Weird Al Yankovic message board. They were all uptight and angry, yet they are supposed to be fans of one of the most laid back, silly people in show business!

I think I spelled something wrong, and FLAMED I was. I still cringe whenever I hear 'Eat It'- which incidentally is not OFTEN enough!

Anonymous said...


"To that I say FUCK YOU. There are plenty reviews on the site "crappier" than mine. If this troglodyte is the type of person running this site and accepting/rejecting reviews, then why should I waste my time? Well you don't need me and I certainly don't need you.

Eat shit you fucking asshole."

- T-_Bone

you feel any better about the loser life you've carved out for yourself?

T-_Bone said...

Get off my phone!