Thursday, December 30, 2004

No Fight in Goodfight

So, I tried to bait the morons at Goodfight Ministries

Here is the letter I sent with the hopes that they would have sent me some goofy response about how my child's soul is in danger. Oh well. I post the letter just for fun, if I ever get a response, I'll post it. Who can I fight now, maybe these guys. Their article on Santa Claus is hilarious.

Dear Goodfight

I am a parent of two young boys. My oldest son has shown an interest in a rock band called Iron Maiden. While he claims they are immensely popular (and thus mainstream), I am unfamiliar with them. I did a cursory search on the Internet and found a lot of information (over 2,000,000 sites) and some ghastly images (some appeared to be demonic). However, in reading some of their lyrics from a recent record, I found nothing terribly offensive (compared to other popular music today).

However, I decided to do a little more research on demonically inspired music, and when I searched the Internet for “demonically inspired music” I found your site. While I was familiar with many of the artists on your site, and do not agree with all of your conclusions, your excerpt of “Kill Your Daughter” by Iron Maiden was troubling. Troubling enough for me to write you. You have obviously done your homework, so I was hoping for some advice.

First of all, how long have Iron Maiden been around (these guys look pretty old to be in rock and roll)? Are they dangerous? What should I tell my son?

I do not want to overreact because I am sure there are worse things for my children to be involved in, but I really don’t like what I have seen on your site. There are many Iron Maiden references on the web, but there is so much information (and mis-information) out there, that I don’t know what to do or whom to believe.

Any information or useful web link you could provide would helpful.

Thank you

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CRAIG said...

Very funny letter. Knowing what a big Maiden fan you are it cracked me up even more.
Surprised that you didn't get a response that at least asked you to buy one of their over-priced videos that I am sure is full of misimformation and flat out lies.