Thursday, October 20, 2011

500 - Point of Entry - Judas Priest - 1981

This is an interesting record. Also, and interesting band. After reviewing the top 500, some may argue that I hold better bands to a higher standard. For example, if Demon released this album, I would sing its praises, but because it is Judas Priest, and they have a ten or so records better than this, I have been overly critical.


All I can say is this album suffers from inconsistency. There are some really great tracks here; Desert Plains, Solar Angels and even the overrated Heading Out to the Highway are all great tracks. Unfortunately, there are some real stinkers here. You Say Yes, Troubleshooter and All the Way are unlistenable. Turning Circles and On the Run are not much better.

Really, as I type, I am thinking 500 may be too generous given how many bad songs there are here. However, sometimes a couple of great songs can salvage an entire album, and I think that is the case here. I can overlook the problems here and focus on the great songs. Really, Priest usually has a clunker or two on their albums (Take on the World, United, etc.) and this album is no different, except that the clunker to classic ration is not as favorable as other Priest albums.

As a result, it lands at number 500.

Note - so how long until I post #499. Maybe a day, maybe a week, maybe a month, maybe never. I am noncommittal.


Steve Stone said...

I've got to agree with you there Harry.

Metal Mark said...

Oh, I disagree particularly on the songs that you singled out as being bad. This album gravitates a little more into the hard rock area than metal. Still Halford is spot on and the music is steady. A lot of people don't rate this album highly, but I have always enjoyed it. I like most of Priest's album quite a bit with the exceptions being the mediocre Rocka Rolla, the ridiculous Turbo, the two noisy Ripper Owens albums and the last two albums which bored me to death.
On another note glad to see you writing again, T-bone.

T-_Bone said...

Mark - thanks for the comment and the welcome back. I will try to keep this one going, though I have not decided on 499 yet.

I agree with your assessment of the other Priest albums. Just these particular tracks on POE I find lacking.

Steve - no comment on the album cover?