Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Iron What?

A while back, I wrote a blog about today’s metal acts, the lousy concept albums they occasionally churn out, and how bad they are (i.e. Evergrey’s new album). Well, there is one exception that I can think of:

Iron Savior.

This band was formed about 10 years ago or so as a side project for some of the members of Gamma Ray, Helloween and bands of that ilk. Anyway, the entire band is based on a cheesy sci-fi concept. Now I am not all that familiar with the story, but they just released their fifth full-length album and they continue the same story.

The funny thing is that they are really good. They play traditional Euro-Speed Metal. While they may not be terribly innovative or ground braking, they are good. The guitars are proficient and the vocals are strong. In other words, they rock.

They are definitely not for everyone, and they have absolutely no chance of any commercial success in the United States, but fans of the genre will certainly appreciate them.

Iron Savior’s Battering Ram is so far the best or second best release of 2004, along with Into Eternity’s Buried in Oblivion.

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Sweetie Guy Hutchinson said...

Sounds good. I'll have to check it out.