Friday, July 28, 2006

# 100 - Doctor Doctor - U.F.O. - Phenomenon (1974)

OK - a couple of points. I decided to do one hundred, because I couldn't cut it to forty and include everything I wanted to, so it is a top hundred.

Second - the list is only metal (i.e. no Rush).

So, I have broken the rules already since this song is not really metal, and the list is only metal. But, this song is here not really for itself anyway. Like many great songs, its greatness is partially due to an association with something else.

Any Iron Maiden fan reading this understands.

Picture the scene; you are in a crowded concert venue waiting for Iron Maiden to hit the stage. There is the usual milling about, you hear some music through the house PA, the air may even be a little smoky. Then suddenly you hear the eerie guitar intro to Doctor Doctor, and you realize you are only moments away from the main event.

I always get chills whenever I hear this song, and even though it's greatness if due to an association with another band, the song itself is still awesome, and a perfect begining to this list.


Vicious Steve said...

I'll agree that this song doesn't qualify as Metal and can only make your list thru another connection. Now if we're talking a Hard Rock Top 100, 'Doctor Doctor', and a couple of other UFO tunes, would make the cut.

On to the connection.....Saw Maiden/Dio/Motorhead a couple years ago and they played this tune before the Maiden set, definitely one of those great pre-show songs. Funny thing at that show was the guys in front of me trying to figure out why Robert Palmer was being played at a Maiden concert. UFO gets no respect.

T-_Bone said...

That Robert Palmer thing is funny. Yeah, UFO gets no respect especially outside the UK. They were a really cool band, and played hard rock at the commercially worst time to play hard rock.