Friday, January 09, 2015

Shit sandwich - 1984 style

So, I was browsing the internet and came upon the Metal Archives message board.  I do not participate in message boards anymore because people are stupid.  To further prove my point, I saw this top metal albums of 1984 list.

Now let me preface my remarks by saying everyone is entitled to their opinion and yadda yadda yadda.  I'm sorry, but this list is a crock of shit.  This guy basically had his legit top 10 or so, put some of the most well known albums at the end of this list, and filled in the middle with crap, hoping that anyone reading his list had never heard of half the crap on there.  Well, it's true for me too. I have only heard about half of the crap in the middle, but I can tell you for sure, most of it is crap. Thus this guy created a true shit sandwich. 

He did include almost every decent album from 1984 (let's face it, there weren't even 100 good metal albums world wide that year).  If you look at his top 17, most of these are legit (I admist I have not heard three of them).  So in that regard it's a good list. I wish he did a top 50 instead and left out the Dio, Maiden and Metallica albums.  That would have given the list more crdibility in my opinion.

Let's look at some of the albums he deemed better than Powerslave, The Last in Line and Ride the Lightning (as you know, I am no Metallica fan, but give credit where credit is due - this is a great album).

  • Pantera - Projects in the Jungle.  This record is a joke.  It may not be as bad as Metal Magic, but it is still horrendous (this one was below Metallica)
  • TNT - Knights of the New Thunder - not as laughable as the Pantera album, but still lame.
  • TKO - In your face.  I heard this one and could not sit through it.
  • The Rods - Let Them Eat Metal.  Even Feinstein himself would laugh at this being rated above his far more talented cousin.
  • Saracen - Change of Heart.  This is a metal list, right?
  • Warning - Metamorphose.  Their first two albums had some credibility, but this is better than Powerslave?
  • Acid - Black Car - Really?
  • Savatage - The Dungeons are Calling.  I like Savatage, but they were nowhere ready for prime-time at this point in their career.
  • Raven - Live at the Inferno - a bad band in the studio - worse live
  • Pretty Maids - Red, Hot & Heavy.  This is getting ridiculous.  He had this turd at number 22!!
  • Tank - Honour & Blood.  It's albums like this one that killed the NWOBHM.
I wish he did a top 50 instead and left out the Dio, Maiden and Metallica albums. That would have given the list more crdibility in my opinion.  The shit andwich approach is an obvious cry out for debate.  Well, you got it.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! You hit the nail right on the head. What a bogus list. A shit sandwich just like you said.