Monday, August 14, 2006

#93 - Fighting the World - Manowar - Fighting the World (1987)

Stripes on a tiger don't wash away, Manowar's made of steel not clay.

That is one of my favorite line from any song. This track is a metal anthem, and I usually do not like metal anthems. This song is the exception. Manowar is an easy target, and they are very laughable at times, but this is one of the greatest tunes of all time. Extremely infectious and it really does get you waving the proverbial metal flag when you listen to it.


Metal Mark said...

Manowar have been around for almost 25 years and somehow they have made a living out of doing this stuff over and over. They are still huge in Europe.

Ben said...

T-Bone - Firstly, hope everything's going well with the baby and you're all getting enough sleep.

Now I have a couple of Manowar albums, although not the one on your list.

Actually one of the ones I've got I was going to post as a Classic bad art post on my blog

T-_Bone said...

Mark - Manowar's longevity and popularity surprise me. I think they have a few great songs, but overall, I am not a fan.

Ben - All is well - Thanks! Manowar's covers for the most part are laughably bad.

Rhodeislandrock said...

I like a point. The whole "live and die for Metal" schtick gets weary sometimes. That said, I think I have almost all of their albums and this is one of the best. Eric Adams has a great voice and never gets any credit.