Friday, August 04, 2006

#95 - Stranger in a Strange Land - Iron Maiden - Somewhere in Time (1986)

This is the first of many Iron Maiden songs on the list. Stranger in a Strange Land is featured here for the playing of Adrian Smith. There are no accolades or superlatives that I can bestow upon the playing, writing and performing of Mr. Smith that are enough. This guy has it all, and this song is one example of many.

Somewhere in Time is a great record. On Powerslave, you first understood that Adrian was the better player between he and Dave Murray, but on Somewhere in Time, it was obvious, especially when you considered song writing. I am not slamming Murray; I think he's great as The Thin Line Between Love and Hate almost made this list, purely for Davey's playing. It's just that Adrian is better, and this song is an early example of that.


Ben said...

T-Bone - I'm looking forward to this countdown. It's gonna be a long haul, but it looks good so far.

T-_Bone said...

Thanks for checking in Ben, I am having a god tome with this project for sure.