Tuesday, August 01, 2006

#98 - Conquistador - Saxon - Metalhead (2000)

Since 1984, Saxon has not really done much. Their albums (and there have been plenty of them) have ranged from dreadful (Destiny) to competent. And while I certainly enjoy these more recent albums, none of them are really that great. None of them stand out as brilliant. However, this one song seems to rise above the crowd. It has a nice acoustic intro, followed by great riffing. Even Biff has that "old sound" to his voice; and without the slick modern day production, Conquistador would be right at home on Wheels of Steel or Strong Arm of the Law.

It is really one of Saxon's finest moments, from any era.


Vicious Steve said...

Conquistador is definitely one of the better tunes on Metalhead, which is the best Saxon album since Crusader (1984).

Saxon has been on the comeback trail since Dogs Of War (1995). Each album has had some decent songs alongside some filler. Unleash The Beast (1997) was a bit better, but Metalhead (1999) was solid.

T-_Bone said...

Really Solid Ball of Rock and Forever Free were OK too, but they really have come nowhere near their high water mark again.

Vicious Steve said...

Solid Ball Of Rock just doesn't get me but I like Forever Free. There is some definite filler on those two.

They haven't matched their claasic run from 1979-1984 but they have released good material since 1995 starting with Dogs Of War, better than the Capitol years.

T-_Bone said...

Destiny sure was a turkey!

Vicious Steve said...

No way any Metal band should cover Christopher Cross. 'Ride Like The Wind' has to be the lowest point of commercial Saxon.