Friday, August 22, 2008


OK - I know this is a controversial pick, because there are a couple of neat 650's, but there is something special about this card. Dick Allen spent little time with the Dodgers, so that in itself is cool. I also like the background of an empty Dodger Stadium. The really cool thing about this card can be found at the bottom left corner. I think that is the photographer's leg! I guess Topps had some real Kwal-i-T photographers in those days. No Felix Unger for sure!


Spacebeagle said...

No, sir, I don't like! This is one of the worst posed cards I've ever seen, but I think the photographer's leg showing is funny.

T-_Bone said...

The leg makes the card! I could have take the 1974 Mike Epstein, but I really like this card. Incidently, I use the 1973 in my league, but I still like the 71.