Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My New Project - The Ultimate 660 - #660

OK - I stole this idea from another blog, but here goes. I will be posting pictures and commentary on the best 660 of the 1970s baseball cards. Here is how I will do it, I will look at one card number and pick the best card that bears that number from 1970-1979. So which is the best #660 from the 1970's? For me it is the 1970 Johnny Bench. Now let me add that I am not all about card value, and what it is worth, etc. But, card 660 was not that great during the 1970s. (Just look at the horrible 1978 Jason Thompson if you don't believe me). Anyway, the best thing about this card is the background. It looks like the Reds used to train on a farm or near a barn. Ahh - the good old days.


spacebeagle said...

Is it neat?

T-_Bone said...

Well, obviously, this card is not neat; however, none of the 660s were. Look at the 1973 Fred Scherman - horrible!