Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I like this card. It reminds me of my childhood. In 1977, I had a soft spot for the Indians. They were lovable losers, but had a lot of cool young players like Rick Manning. Duane Kuiper and Ron Pruitt. Unfortunately for the tribe, other than Eckersley who they gave to the Red Sox for a pack of goons, they had zero pitching. The other thing about this card is it looks like it was taken with a great (for the time) zoom lens. Good stuff.

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Spacebeagle said...

Who liked the Indians? I seem to remember someone telling me they sucked and the Yankees were great. Aside from all that though I like the Pruitt card also. I like how the background is just a blurry green. It makes Pruitt, in his red and blue uniform stand out. A cool card.