Wednesday, December 20, 2006

#29 - Paschendale - Iron Maiden - Dance of Death

It is hard to put into words how great this track is. My only regret with Maiden's recnt tour was that Paschendale was not included. What a brilliant track. This song features, the greatest minute in music history. From 4:53 to 5:52, you will be immersed in such greatness, you will think the universe has exploded.


spacebeagle said...

I agree with you T-bone. This is an absolutely brilliant track. I hope Maiden plays it live again soon.

T-_Bone said...

Well, Maiden is apparantly doing a tour in 2007, but I am unsure if they will come to North America. Furthermore, I don't know the theme of the tour.

Metal Mark said...

This is a great song, very interesting.