Saturday, December 02, 2006

#59 - The Magician - Bruce Dickinson - Accident of Birth

I think if I were to review my top 100 list, Adrian Smith has to be the most represented musician on the list. That is no accident (pardon the pun). The Magician is a real cool song on a super album. It is no surprise to me that Bruce's solo career got better when Adrian hung his hat with the band. Accident of Birth is chock full of good songs, with top notch riffs, melodies and solos. The Macigian for me the best of a very good bunch.

This is also a sentimental/personal favorite as well.

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spacebeagle said...

I agree, Accident of Birth is a great album and The Magician is one of the best songs on it. I also like Road to Hell and Darkside of Aquarius a lot. Maybe Dickinson's best solo album.